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Teaching Artist and Choreographer

From a tender age, Kara embarked on her journey as a competitive dancer. Hailing from Massachusetts, she found herself drawn to the Boston Ballet, where she discovered that ballet was the path she was destined to follow. Determined to hone her skills, she enrolled in the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts year-round program, immersing herself in rigorous training under the guidance of esteemed mentors such as Victoria Mazzarelli, Alexei Tchernichov, and Eleanor D'Antuonno.


Throughout her time at Nutmeg, Kara embraced numerous iconic roles, gracing the stage as Aurora, Raymonda, Sugarplum, and Odette in Kirk Peterson's mesmerizing rendition of Swan Lake. Her unwavering dedication and countless hours of practice eventually led her to ascend to the position of soloist with the Missouri Ballet Theatre. Within this company, she showcased her talent by executing a multitude of leading roles.


Now, Kara has redirected her unwavering passion towards nurturing and guiding young dancers, serving as both a trainer and coach. Her ultimate goal is to empower these aspiring artists, helping them unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

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