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About North Shore Dance Collective: About



Nabi and Eva


NorthShore Elite Talent Company is more than just a dance studio.

Our mission is to provide high quality training in specialty technique, while teaching sportsmanship, teamwork and

high moral values in a safe and inclusive, community-oriented atmosphere.

It is our goal to make each season fun, exciting, and educational, while instilling a sense of confidence, kindness and compassion in our students. 

Our vision is to teach our students to be disciplined, artistic, open, and empathetic people who are accountable for the progress of their training.  

Our Teaching Artist Staff provide an atmosphere for  students grow and develop as dancers, athletes, artists, and as humans.  

We pride ourselves on the development of our dance education system, and students must pass progressive exams in order to level up in their classes.

This is for the safety of each student, and to maintain integrity in our curriculum and teaching method.

NorthShore Elite Talent Company is constantly staying up to date with with sport injury prevention techniques and strategies.

All NSETC Teaching Artists are CPR/AED certified, have first aid training, are certified Mandated Reporters, and have HeadsUp concussion training.

We will always make ourselves available to answer any questions, or address comments or concerns about the program.
We are committed to make adjustments and improvements to the benefit of our students, parents and staff. 


 Humanity thrives on being able to share ideas and search for mutual understanding with others around them.

This Dance Resource Center is a wonderful outlet to do exactly that.


NSETC Teaching Artists deliver enrichment programming, including dance, cheer, acrobatics, tumbling, and fitness to you in a clean, safe and inclusive space. We are currently offering in-person Classes.

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