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Dance Performance Groups

NSETC Perform

Performance Company is open to any NSETC dancers enrolled in 1 concurrent class. This rehearsal time is set aside for dancers who love to perform but cannot commit to the Elite Talent level of class requirements. Dancers will perform in local and community events throughout the year, and participation in these events is not required; however, you must be able to participate in at least three (3) events throughout the season.

Elite Talent Company

ETC is a focused group of classes for dancers who are ready to take their training to the next level. Dancers perform at special events throughout the season and are offered additional opportunities at one conventions and competition throughout the year.

These classes are by invitation only, and for students who have shown great promise and dedication to our dance program. Dancers invited to participate in our ETC program also exhibit drive, motivation to learn and grow, as well as a high level of maturity for their age. 

Cascade Class is 55 minutes

 All other Company classes are a 2-hour block, and divided by age as follows:

Elite Talent Cascade (ages 4-6)

Elite Talent Foundations (ages 6-8) 

Elite Talent Premier (ages 8-10) 

Elite Talent Edge (ages 9-12) 

Elite Talent Summit (ages 11-14) 

Elite Talent Apex (ages 14-18) 

*Requisite Company Class attire includes a uniform of:

black leotard, black dance shorts, tan/skintone tights & slip on jazz shoes, and 

hair pulled back in a neat bun.

Tights are not required for the summer session.

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