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Teaching Artist & Choreographer

For the past two decades, Colby has been shaping the lives of children and adults through dance. Native to Illinois, she began dancing at the early age of two. Quickly displaying an aptitude for coordination and performance, earned her first ballet scholarship in the convention circuit at age eight. At nine, Colby entered the professional market as a ballerina in her first international commercial.


Continuously recognized in the 90’s in the competitive sector, she gained opportunities to study in New York and Los Angeles under famed dance educators, such as Mia Michaels, Ray Leaper, Mark Meismer, Suzi Taylor, Kevin Maher, Teresa Espinoza and others. Locally, she was under continuous mentorship by the likes of Homer Bryant, Van Collins, Terry Fox, Avnun Yakubov, Rachelle Oschner, Ted Jackson and others.  At fifteen, she began teaching weekly. This opened the door for artistry and choreography to become a central focus of her passion, but the ability to turn a child’s potential energy into kinetic energy is top of Colby’s healthy obsessions.


Her sensitivity to each student’s individual talents and capabilities affords every protegé a unique opportunity when training. Real time results, each class, is common place with focused students. She attests her knack for educating surely stemmed from her mother, a professor of the sciences. Colby continued her dance education at Loyola Marymount University. Signed to MSA by age eighteen, Colby got a dose of the Los Angeles dance industry. She discovered her favorite place to be is behind the scenes. Working with creative direction and artist development for up incoming music artists. Notably, in 2007, Frank Gatson hired her as a dancer for a Beyoncé world tour. Though Colby did not tour with The Beyoncé Experience, she regards the moment as undeniable validation from a master in the business. Colby is grateful to the performing arts and all those she has encountered along the way. Her focus remains on education, choreography and artist development. Many of her students have gained professional success and she continues to train pre-professionals and professionals in a world class manner. 

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