Teaching Artist & Choreographer

Jordan Zelvin is a recent graduate of Denison University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Educational Studies. Jordan has been dancing and performing since before she could even talk, trained by NSETC’s very own Nabi Jordan-Polk at the Center Studio for Dance at the Glenview Park District. As a founding member of Center Studio’s Senior Elite Company, Jordan learned what a nurturing and compassionate dance environment can do for a budding artist and carries that passion into all of her endeavors as a teaching artist. Jordan is dedicated to providing a welcoming, equitable, and loving dance environment in all her classes. Along with her position as a Pre-K dance instructor at NSETC, Jordan also teaches Junior Kindergarten at Bennett Day School. She is a devoted teaching artist who prioritizes joy and safety above all else and is so excited to join the NSETC team.

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